Womens and Childrens Alliance (WCA): Serving Humanity At Best

A day spent in a violent environment is worst in all aspects.

Domestic abuse, domestic violence, domestic assault, and sexual assault are becoming more frequent in most places. Therefore, the dwellers in such homes feel unsafe and unsecure. Threatening circumstances leave long-lasting effects on the minds and souls of victims. The need of a safe place where such womens can get help for childrens is provided by WCA.

Womens and Childrens Alliance reviews

With the positive mindset of providing relief to the needy,Women’s and Children’s Alliance (WCA) offers help in the following areas.

Round-the-clock guidance

Separate help lines are active 24 hours a day on working days, and secure and confidential connections are provided by assault lawyers.

 “Rape Crises Hotline”  

How is WCA addressing major concerns?

WCA offers counseling in one-on-one meetings with those affected by domestic violence and domestic abuse to address the hurdles and obstructions in the following areas:

  • Health Care Services (e.g. Medicaid) Education
  • Employment
  • Basic Needs
  • Financial Empowerment
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Finances
  • Children’s Services

More services are also available, covering similar areas of interest

Sexual Assault and rape crises hotline

A hotline is established for victims of sexual assault, rape, or second-degree rape. The services are provided with confidentiality to ensure a secure proceeding for clients to avoid any further issues. Sexual assault lawyers are trained to provide support and guidance in areas covering various aspects of the issue related to sexual assault and other related offenses.

To find out authentic support, please visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) and also make it clear what is Consent?

inducing quick healing

To increase the progress of healing in any one assaulted, procedures have been adopted by  womens and childrens alliance. WCA holds a weekly support group for identified survivors of domestic abuse WCA head office. For up-to-date information, you may call 208.343.7025; it’s a help line with confidentiality.

Financial Empowerment

To ensure economic independence, a safety-centered environment is provided by WCA addressing the following in classes for adults and workshops for youth and teens:

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