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Why Leslie Grossman’s AHS Season 10 Character Is Her Favorite

Ryan Murphy tends to write the most fabulously biting characters for Leslie Grossman.

In season eight of American Horror Story, Grossman played the gluten-sensitive witch Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt, who always had something quippy to say. And then, in season nine, we saw her emerge as the secretly lethal camp director Margaret Booth. Now Murphy seems to have outdone himself with Grossman’s latest role for season 10.

Grossman is now playing Ursula, a sociopathic agent who encourages her clients to transform into blood-sucking fiends in order to get best-selling work. And, in an exclusive chat with E! News, Grossman made it clear that she had the best time playing this wild character.

“All of the characters I’ve played are my babies, but I do have a very special affinity for Ursula,” she said. “I think she is the most fun. The words that I got to say, were just so insane, and mean, and direct. And I think she speaks in a way that all of us wish we could just talk to people, and not care and not be burdened by a conscience.”

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