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Watch White Sox fans erupt after Jose Altuve hit by pitch (Video)

Watch White Sox fans erupt after Jose Altuve hit by pitch (Video)

Chicago White Sox fans were ecstatic when Carlos Rodon plunked Jose Altuve on the shoulder in Game 4. 

The Astros appear destined for the ALCS, but not before Jose Altuve had to wear one on the shoulder. The Houston second baseman has been the victim of inside pitches all season. And when he does end up wearing one on the road, the crowd generally loves it.

Game 4 on the south side of Chicago wasn’t any different, as Altuve was plunked in the top of the third inning. White Sox fans absolutely loved seeing Altuve in pain.

Rodon’s high, rising fastball cut too far in, catching Altuve just a little too far inside.

Astros get last laugh on White Sox

Houston would end up scoring two runs in that third inning and chasing Rodon early, so in the end it worked out in their favor.

The Astros had plenty to play for. Not only is it a playoff game, but White Sox reliever Ryan Tepera provided them with some bulletin board material just a few days ago.

“They’ve had a reputation of doing some sketchy stuff over there. We can say it’s a little bit of a difference. I think you saw the swings and misses tonight compared to the first two games at Minute Maid,” Tepera said.

Now, the stats don’t really back Tepera up, but that comment had plenty of time to fester as Game 4 was postponed a day until Tuesday afternoon.

“Those are some heavy accusations. We’re about the same runs, OPS and everything — actually better on the road than we are at home. I think they’re actually better at home than on the road. I don’t have much response,” Baker said. “He can say what he wants to say. I had never even heard his name before we played the White Sox. I’m not bothered by it. Most of my life, they’ve been talking stuff on me anyway. Let them talk.”

You can tell Tepera’s comment bothered Dusty Baker, and the likes of catcher Martin Maldonado, who tweeted out in disgust.

The White Sox weren’t prepared to back up Tepera’s statement, and now will watch the rest of the postseason from home barring a late rally.

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