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Watch Jen Psaki Shut Down A Right Wing Lie About Joe Biden

Press Secretary Jen Psaki shut down a New York Post reporter who tried to spread the lie that President Biden owes back taxes.


A New York Post reporter tried to inject the false and baseless story that circulated on right-wing media about President Biden owing $500,000 in payroll taxes. After letting the reporter babble on for almost a minute, Psaki cut him off and said that she thought she knew where this was going. The Press Secretary said that the story had been debunked, Biden has released decades worth of tax returns, and she moved on.

Jen Psaki showed how to handle misinformation.

The false story about Biden potentially owing back taxes is so important to the right because Donald Trump potentially owes hundreds of millions of dollars to the IRS and is under multiple criminal investigations for tax fraud.

There is no evidence that President Biden avoided paying taxes.


The right is trying to muddy the waters to make Trump and Biden look the same in the eyes of swing voters. It was a successful tactic that Republicans used in 2016.

Jen Psaki showed how to handle misinformation. She shut it down, debunked it, and moved on. The White House Press Secretary did not give the illegitimate question credibility by engaging with it.

Psaki isn’t going to allow the right to use the daily White House briefing to push their efforts to smear Biden and elevate Trump.


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