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Spy Kids Carla Gugino Played Mom At 28

“I think it only hurt me a little because people did think I was older than I was for a period of time.”

You know Carla Gugino, the most iconic MILF in existence — Ingrid Cortez from the Spy Kids series.

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For Spy Kids‘ 20th anniversary, the actor opened up to Variety about playing a motherly figure at just 28 years old.

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Twenty-eight!!! Two. Eight!!! And, just for reference, Antonio Banderas was 41 at the time.

“What’s particularly strange about the Spy Kids of it all is I was so young when I did it,” Gugino told the magazine. “I was at least 10 years too young for the role because I was supposed to have been a spy for 10 years, then had two children who were now 10 and 12. I was 28 years old.”

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So, that would mean Ingrid Cortez started working as a professional spy at the ripe age of 18, and already had a 2-year-old to care for at the time. 

“But [director Robert Rodriguez] kind of said, ‘My mom had 10 kids and if we play this right, no one will ever question it,'” she continued. “I think it only hurt me a little because people did think I was older than I was for a period of time.”

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We’ve known that Hollywood’s perception of women’s age is absolute shit, but WHAT? 

And I wasn’t the only one who was stunned by this revelation.

…28??? I still relate more to the preteen kids in the movie 😭

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Honestly, I believe it…

she originally auditioned for the role of one of the kids but was told she was too young

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Is Hollywood…okay?

Reminder Jenifer Lewis was 39 playing the mother of a 33 year old Whitney Houston in The Preacher’s Wife.

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FYI, the Gossip Girl reboot features Thomas Doherty — who is 26 — playing a student, and Tavi Gevinson — who is 25 — playing a teacher.

I, too, would like to retire at the near-deathbed age of 28.

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A very important question was posited here.

Ok ok ok ok ok ok I have HOW many years till I enter my MILF stage’#?!!!!

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This pretty much sums it up.

i’m 28 so in hollywood can play a high school student now but in two years i can only play a very tired mom of a 12-year-old

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However, Carla said she would “never have given up that experience.” “It was such an extraordinary time. It was just this little tiny movie we made alone in Austin and it became a phenomenon that continues,” she shared.

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