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Silent Republicans Get Stark Reminder Of Their Complicity In Joe Scarborough Op-Ed

In the op-ed published Friday, Scarborough chastized the self-described constitutional conservatives who remained silent this week even after Trump touted the idea of delaying the 2020 election over debunked concerns about mail-in voter fraud.

Trump does not have the authority to move the vote.

Scarborough, himself a former GOP representative who’s been at the sharp end of Trump’s baseless conspiracy theories, also hammered the Republicans who failed to speak out after Trump’s claim to have “unlimited powers”; when he said there were “very fine people on both sides” during a white supremacy rally; and when he sided repeatedly with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I know Trump’s devotion to Putin deeply disturbs you, but somehow you swallow that bile and keep running cover for them both,” Scarborough wrote.

He concluded: “None dare call it treason, but perhaps one day they will.”

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