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Moksh Murgai- An Impressive Young Cricketer, Delhi Cricket

Moksh Murgai- An Impressive Young Cricketer, Delhi Cricket

To achieve your dreams requires a lot of hard work and willpower and this 20-year-old boy from Delhi is an example of that. Moksh Murgai is a state-level athlete and a professional cricketer. This player is a passionate and vivacious cricketer representing Delhi. He has played nationals at various categories including sub-junior, junior, and senior categories. His game is a must to watch out where he is scoring brilliantly over the years.

He has come a long way as he was recently chosen the Sports President of the Delhi University Student’s Union (DUSU), 2020. Not only he is a Sports President but also is the captain of his cricket college team. It is said that a person with focused goals can do wonders in their life, so does is this youth doing. His dedication at the field has also bagged him a sponsorship by SH Sports for 2019-20. When talking about his achievements he has never failed to impress the selectors.

Moksh represented India at a tournament in Lucknow in 2018. Murgai’s tremendous performances are a topic to talk on. He has also scored 800+ runs with 20+ wickets in the DDCA league 2018-19. Recently, in the last season he scored more than 1200 runs. With all these achievements, this young lad is working extremely hard during the lock-down too. “Our body is strong and fit when we are both physically and mentally  fit” says Moksh.

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He told us about his intense terrace workout sessions and his net practices. “I am using this time to work on my fitness and skills by practicing at my terrace. I believe all this will definitely help me be the best at my game.”  Overall, Moksh has scored 30 centuries and 50+ half-centuries in the domestic games.

Personal Life & Injuries of Moksh Murgai

Moksh was born in the national capital Delhi on 27th November 1999.He has a joint family. His father is a business man and mother a housewife. Moksh started his cricketing career from the age of 7 years. In this 14 years of journey which was full of hard work and determination he thanks his family and coaches for their continuous support and belief in him.

Where there is a will there is a way, and this too happened with Moksh. He went through a serious back injury which caused him a bed rest for almost a month, but that too didn’t let him get demotivated for his game. When he got back on the ground he again scored to prove himself.

Moksh Murgai

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Moksh with all his hard work has sweat for 4 to 5 hours a day to maintain his game eve after the injury. His sacrifice are not less for his game where he has almost stopped eating junk food and eats a good healthy diet to balance his body for the game. To become a successful player every athlete has done a lot of struggle to get to that position. All this hard work and determination he has done has led him to this position where is earning a lot of fame for his game.

All his achievements are a result of his rigorous hard work and dedication. “Do your best and god will save the rest” is the mantra of his life that gives him the needed motivation to keep going on.

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