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John Cena reportedly told multiple WWE Superstars to not do moves that looked like the AA

John Cena


Modified 22 May 2020, 00:15 IST

John Cena
John Cena

John Cena will go down as one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time when all is said and done. While he is known as the perennial good guy in the company, there are many backstage stories about the Cenation Leader that portray him in a different light.

On the most recent edition of Sean Ross Sapp’s Q&A show on Fightful Select, interesting backstage details about John Cena were revealed with regards to other Superstars doing finishing moves that were similar to his Attitude Adjustment finisher.

Sean Ross Sapp was told by former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks that John Cena told him to not do the Inverted Death Valley Driver as it resembled the AA. While Cena didn’t go off on Reks, the 16-time World Champion felt that Reks’ finishing move, which is also known as the Burning Hammer, looked similar to the AA.

Sean added that he’d heard about many people who were told to not do certain moves by John Cena if it looked like his iconic finisher.

He revealed the following:

Tyler Reks told me a story one time about how he went through the curtain after doing his inverted death valley driver (the burning hammer) and John Cena didn’t go off on him but as like, ‘What is that? That’s too similar to my move. Don’t do it again.’

And I have actually heard that about multiple people as it pertains to John Cena and their finishing move that if it looked similar to his, then he was like don’t do it.

The evolution of John Cena’s AA

John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment (Fireman’s carry takeover) – previously known as the FU – may not have looked like the most destructive finishing move that it was made out to be but it is still one of the most recognizable finishers in pro wrestling history.

The AA was John Cena’s most potent weapon amongst his ‘five moves of doom’ and by the looks of it, the WWE veteran made sure the AA was not replicated or used in a different avatar as a finisher by other Superstars. 

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