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Jessie J Revealed She’s Dating Dancer Max Pham Nguyen

Jessie J is all boo’d up!

Jessie J has a new man in her life! The singer revealed she’s dating dancer Max Pham Nguyen in a sweet post she shared on Instagram.

Jessie said she decided to go public with the news after the Daily Mail published unflattering photos of her and Nguyen eating together, labeling him her “male pal.”

“A story was posted today. The article was actually sweet,” Jessie wrote. “BUT… THE PICS?! Yoooooo!!! 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭. Got me looking like an old man who owns a boat, basically Lord Farquard’s Dad growing out an old haircut. 😂😩.”

“Meanwhile @max__pham was REALLY trying my salad that I loaded onto my fork. 😩😂 So … Max and I thought you guys deserved some better picture options,” she continued. “Saving you hiding in cars and bushes.”

“PS. He isn’t my male pal,” Jessie added.

Jessie seems to be happy with her new beau, though. She noted that they “laugh a lot” whenever they spend time together. How cute!

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