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Introducing Amnotzon: Building Ecommerce Sites is Easy with Velo

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E-commerce with Velo is simple! One of the most useful tools provided is “Adi”, an AI that can be used to give you intuitive design suggestions for the entire site or just certain sections.

I personally used it to assist with a carousel of products to showcase the lineup of my make-believe store.

Should you wish to add additional products, Wix’s platform makes it incredibly easy to use to add more! All you’ve got to do is click one button and then give a name, price, and finally a description of your item.

Once your product stack is done, you’re almost just about there!

Add style to your lovely ecommerce website by first employing a custom Cascading style sheet (CSS) or use Velo’s integrated graphical user interface (GUI) for stylisation. I decided to go with a scroll down to browse my obviously pretend product stack, although others might have their undoubtedly real product stack at the very top! It’s all down to preference.

So, let’s see what the carousel looks like after this!

Wow! Colours can be modified if you do not like the base colours. Every little detail on the item can be changed simply, or if you’d rather do it  yourself, there’s always the choice to code it in the code editor!

Velo has even graciously allowed companies to use this business focused feature completely free! Provided, you do have to credit Wix (in a header or footer for example) and to remove the Wix advertisements you have to pay for their premium service. Though for using the platform completely free? I don’t think I mind that premium fee too much, should I want to upgrade!

Check out my WIP Ecommerce site, Amnotzon (get it?), here.

Final Thoughts on Velo for Ecommerce

Velo holds up well as a website editor, only beat out by some specific ones that cost money to use, and for full stack development it is certainly a very fantastic option. However, with all the aforementioned praise, and I hate to go on about it, it is noteworthy that a free tool can be used for all but a few business purposes.  

The entire site, though daunting at first, gets easy after your first hour or two and if you absolutely must use your own code, there is the option for it!

You can find it at the bottom as an almost pull-up menu of sorts. However I must note that Visual Studio Code and Atom have better syntax highlighting.

All in all, Velo is a great platform, with few flaws and multiple feature sets that are absolutely worth giving your time. Wix’s Velo is the perfect platform for portfolios, businesses, and all other purposes that aren’t too niche!

Unless you’re looking at paid platforms, I personally could not recommend any such free alternatives to Velo. Sometimes, Velo matches paid alternatives and does it for absolutely no price at all!

Again however, that is to say, if you don’t mind flying the banner for Wix and adding their name into the footer or header. 

On a scale of one to ten? I’d give it an 8.5! Go on, try it out yourself!

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