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Idaho hospitals ration care; Republicans prepare a new election hoax

Can’t imagine why Idaho hospitals are now warning that they’ll be rationing care for COVID-19 patients due to overwhelming demand.

In the news today: In scenes reminiscent of the pandemic’s first, once-worst months, overflowing Idaho hospitals are now triggering the rationing of emergency care. The extent of U.S. tax-dodging by the rich continues to be astonishing—and that tax dodging is directly damaging our schools, our health care, and other national priorities. As the propagandists at Fox News lay the groundwork for a new “election fraud” hoax in California, election workers themselves continue to be put at risk from Republicanism’s grotesque conspiracy peddling. But that’s intentional, of course. Purging election officials who are unwilling to alter election results based on Republican hoax claims is the goal, and death threats are becoming one of the means to achieve it.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

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