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Good Trouble Behind The Scenes Of Season 3 Finale

“As far as Evan, I love him. I love TJ [Linnard], who plays the role too. People really like this couple and the trick when you’re writing a show like this, and I think William Goldman wrote this once about rom-coms, he said, ‘Your rom-com is only as good as the device that keeps the characters apart.’ That really hit me and I think that’s true for serialized television because you want to keep the audience wanting. You can’t have everybody happy all the time. So, keeping Mariana and Evan apart I think allowed for some rich stories. I like the idea of Mariana dealing with the loyalty to her friends and what her betraying them has led to. She got the meeting with Jackie through Evan, and now Mariana is going to deal with the consequences. She loves Evan, I think, but can she be with him without losing her friends and her partners?”

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