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Georgia welcomes long term work visitors

Georgia welcomes long term work visitors

With social distancing, usage of masks and shield being one of the highest priority and also being one of the important aspects of travel now, we have been used to the same for over months now. As of today, it has been more than 5 months of lockdown and usage of mask and sanitizers has become a new norm for every person on this planet.

However, as countries are easing restrictions and welcoming tourists to visit their beautiful places we should not forget the basic health and safety measures. We have published various articles about the changes in rules and regulations that a tourist or visitor needs to follow. One of the latest country to welcome tourist is Georgia.

With its picturesque locations, mountains and amazing weather, Georgia will welcome tourists starting the 31st of July. And with welcoming the tourists they have introduced a new remote work visa for its long term visitors.

The country of Georgia will introduce remote work visa for its visitors where the visitors will have the option to travel, stay and work remotely at this amazing place. The remote work visa will be valid for up to a year and it is an initiative to boost the country’s tourism.

Economic minister of Georgia, Natia Turnava said “Georgia has the image of an epidemiologically safe country in the world and we want to use this opportunity. We are talking about opening the border in a way to protect the health of our citizens, but, on the other hand, to bring to Georgia citizens of all countries who can work remotely.”

Interested applicants should fill a form and also should make arrangements to carry proof of travel insurance, certificate of employment and personnel information. Upon arrival, every tourist will be quarantined for 14 days with their own expense. Normal tourist can start to travel from September onwards. Further updates on new rules are yet to be received.

So if you want to explore the amazing and picturesque Balkan country, visit Georgia and also explore while you work here.

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