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Dak Prescott screwing over Dallas Cowboys with latest contract demands

Dak Prescott screwing over Dallas Cowboys with latest contract demands

If Dak Prescott is serious about how much money he wants, then the Dallas Cowboys are in big trouble.

Jerry Jones likes to play hardball, but Dak Prescott is proving to be a worthy adversary.

Dak is next in line for an extension from his original rookie deal, one that will likely make him the highest-paid QB in football, at least for some time (Patrick Mahomes is watching very carefully).

It took some convincing, but the Dallas Cowboys appear to be okay with that, given their most recent offer, per Chris Simms. However, in rather surprising fashion, Prescott reportedly turned down such a deal and countered with a proposal of monstrous proportions.

Jones understands that the Cowboys can only reach their Super Bowl aspirations with Prescott on the roster, but agreeing to pay him $10 million more annually than the highest-paid player at his position limits them financially moving forward. If we’ve learned anything from recent Super Bowl champions such as the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, it’s that it pays to have a QB on an affordable deal.

The Cowboys are past that point, and Prescott will somehow, someway, get paid. Yet, it’s disappointing from an ownership perspective that he’d be willing to limit the franchise’s ability to add talent around him.

Dallas is due for a resurgent 2020 season, but they’re not merely one piece away from winning a championship. Signing Prescott to the deal he desires limits them in 2020 and beyond, but so does moving on from him entirely.

Suffice to say, if Prescott does not bend, the Cowboys are screwed.

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