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Cardinals latest round of testing reveals more positive results

Cardinals latest round of testing reveals more positive results

The St. Louis Cardinals now have at least seven players who have tested positive for the coronavirus 

On Friday, the NL Central showdown between the St. Louis Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers was postponed following the breaking news that two St. Louis players had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Fast forward to Saturday morning and even more troubling news has arrived for the organization. Moments ago, it was announced the Cardinals have had at least five more players test positive.

The Cardinals and several other teams in the bigs have had games postponed due to the coronavirus

It goes without saying, but this is the last thing anyone wanted to see this weekend. The Cardinals became the latest team to be hit with disheartening coronavirus results, and for at least seven players to have contracted the virus so quickly will certainly raise the concern levels even more for commissioner Rob Manfred.

This week, Manfred said that if cases continue to rise and players don’t follow protocols, there’s a chance the rest of the 2020 season could be canceled. With the Marlins, who reportedly had players go out and party in Atlanta, the organization has nearly 20 positive cases.

Throughout the league, multiple teams have had players and coaches test positive, which has resulted in several games and series being postponed.

With the cases continuing to rise inside MLB clubhouses, it truly feels like it’s only a matter of time before Manfred and Co. will have to make the tough decision and shut down play. In comparison with other leagues, such as the NBA, which have gone off without a hitch thus far, baseball is at a significant disadvantage.

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