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California Eases Mask Rules for Vaccinated Residents

California Eases Mask Rules for Vaccinated Residents

Vaccinated Californians will be able to go mask-free in indoor stores, bars, restaurants, movie theaters and many other places as part of the state’s grand reopening next Tuesday, officials said.

The new rules align with federal guidance, meaning that face coverings will still be required on public transportation and in taxis, hospitals, prisons and homeless shelters. Masks will also be required indoors at K-12 schools, child care facilities and other places where there may be a large number of children who haven’t been vaccinated, according to the plans announced on Wednesday.

Unvaccinated people will remain subject to rules to wear masks indoors, although the state, as throughout the pandemic, is maintaining a light touch with enforcement and is not requiring business operators to verify whether patrons are vaccinated.

The shift on masks for the vaccinated will coincide with the much-anticipated lifting of remaining business capacity restrictions in California, where life has been at least partially locked down for some 15 months.

“We are tracking well,” he said.

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