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Biden Is Right. People Want Stimulus Checks Not GOP Support For The Bill.

The Biden stimulus remains popular with the American people who told a Monmouth University poll they are willing to trade smaller stimulus checks for GOP votes.

According to the Monmouth University Poll:

The bill passed by the House did not garner any Republican votes. It will almost certainly face the same fate in the Senate without significant changes. Looking at the plan as a whole, the public is evenly divided on whether the $1.9 trillion amount should be cut in order to gain bipartisan support (48%) or whether the full plan should remain intact even if it only gets support from senators in one party (45%).

Preference for bipartisanship plummets, though, when the public is asked this same tradeoff about the direct stimulus checks specifically. Willingness to make cuts to this component of the bill in the name of bipartisanship stands at just 25%. Two in three (68%) Americans say the full $1,400 amount should remain even if it means the bill will pass with just single-party support. Even most Republicans (53%) join independents (65%) and Democrats (85%) in saying the $1,400 payments should be left untouched.
The mainstream press has been hung up on what Democrats should give to Republicans to get their support for the bill. The corporate media ignores the fact that there is nothing that Democrats could give Senate Republicans to get their votes.

The entire plan from Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republican caucus is not to vote for the bill and make Democrats own it, which is an odd and doomed strategy when opposing popular legislation.

President Biden was right. People don’t want Democrats to compromise on the stimulus bill. If Republicans had their way, struggling people would get no stimulus.

It doesn’t matter if Republicans in Congress vote for the bill, the Biden stimulus is already a bipartisan success with the American people.

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