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Azaelia Banks Accuses TI & Tiny Of ‘Forcing’ Iggy Azelea Into A ‘Drugged 3sum’!

Rapper TI and his wife Tiny’s week just got a WHOLE lot worse ya’ll. MTO News has learned that popular female rapper, Azealia Banks, just launched an EXPLOSIVE claim about the couple. According to her, she believes that TI and Tiny may have allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted rapper, Iggy Azelea as well!


TI and Iggy Azelea worked together for many years creating hit music together. Up til now though, no one ever suspected that the two were involved in any type of physical relationship – consensual or otherwise.

But this morning, Azealia Banks BLEW things out of the water – by accusing the rapper and his wife of being sexually involved with the female rapper and possibly by using drugs and other coercive measures.

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