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Auction drafts should be more popular

Auction drafts should be more popular
Saquon Barkley #26 of the New York Giants carries the ball against the Washington Redskins during the second half at FedExField on December 22, 2019 in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

As the Fantasy Football season fast approaches, I am sure there are many leagues out there looking to spice up their league, whether that be through introducing last place punishments or changing the scoring system.

Often overlooked is the best day of the Fantasy Year: Draft Day. What bigger change to make to a league than switching the way that you draft.

Almost every Fantasy Football League does the typical ‘snake’ draft, however, few leagues have explored the realm of ‘Auction Drafts’. An Auction Draft is simple. Every team in the league is given a certain amount of ‘fake’ money (usually $200) and assigned a ‘Draft Position’. The Team with the first ‘pick’ will nominate any player in the NFL for a minimum $1. All Teams battle to see who the highest bidder is and that Team will keep the nominated player. This goes back and forth until every team has filled all their roster spots.

Do you want to spend your money on several first round picks and fill the roster with minimum priced players? Are you going for more of a balanced team? The choice is yours, but which choice is the best? Roster build is far more important in auction drafts.

Let’s dive deeper and highlight some of the best features of an Auction Draft.

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