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Arjun Kapoor reveals he didn’t touch his mother’s room years after she passed away

The loss of a parent is a void that cannot be filled ever. Arjun Kapoor lost his mother in 2012, just a few weeks before his debut Ishaqzaade. The actor laments that his mum couldn’t watch him on the big screen. We can surely say though that he has made her proud. 

Arjun Kapoor

In a recent interview, Arjun revealed how he deals with his huge loss. He said that it’s been eight years since his mom passed away  but he still finds it hard to deal with it. Arjun said, “It’s been eight years but I’m still not an expert on dealing with it. It’s not like I can give you any kind of take on it because every day is a new struggle. It’s like your backbone is broken and they tell you to walk.”

Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor further added that he didn’t touch his mother’s room for six years after her death. Letting the memories live on… “But then it’s not a normal thing to have one room completely locked up forever when you don’t have place in the house right? But it’s just that for me and Anshula, this house is her. So everyday I go out make people happy, make myself happy, work, act in movies, celebrate being a star and there’s love and selfies, maza aa raha hai, shooting kar rahe ho, you’re living the dream job. And then when you come back home, I can’t tell her what I did. So it just feels incomplete. Whatever I do, that void will remain. So you can’t deal with it beyond dealing with it as it happens. You have to be spontaneous and understand it, accept it, smile about it, bittersweet, think about her in a positive way and then move ahead.”

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