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10 funniest and the most adorable posts of birthday girl Taapsee Pannu

At the movies she might play a no-nonsense girl, a woman who will fight for her rights, who will demand a divorce when she thinks something is wrong and who will do everything to achieve her dreams. 

Taapsee Pannu

Off screen this girl is like a blob of sunshine, all things happy and goofy and candid all the time. Her Instagram posts are a proof that Taapsee is one actress who loves to go candid and even be funny with her captions. Here is listing down her 10 best goofy Instagram posts.

Taapsee Pannu

1. Thank you for all the movies Taapsee! 

2. Girl power! Hell yeah!

3. Lips don’t lie.

4. We told you… her Looks can kill!

5. Being nosy.

6. Pinky promise.

7. They call her drama queen???

8. Boo-story.

9. Pout, click, repeat!

10. Work selfie is a must.

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